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The stars of the ‘House of Cards’ show, Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright, both admit they were “very, very nervous” when they first came to the production studio.

Spacey, a British actor who was cast as House of Cards protagonist Frank Underwood, says that when he first arrived, the producers didn’t know whether they wanted him to play a character named Frank or just a character.

Spaceys, Wright and their other cast members — including a number of former cast members including Kate Mara and Kevin Spaceitz — all appear in the Netflix show’s third season, which premieres Monday night.

Wright, who starred as a lawyer on “Homeland” and “Law & Order,” said she didn’t understand why her character, Emily, was a lawyer but had to play one, but was thrilled when she got the role.

“The producers were just so open to playing characters that were interesting, so they were really interested in seeing who could do that and what it was like to play an actor,” Wright said.

The actors are now all set to return to their respective home studios in New York and Los Angeles to continue shooting their respective shows.