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A few months ago, a blog named House of anus was born.

The site features an assortment of links, including an article on how to make your own full-length men’s house slipper.

It’s a pretty cool way to get to know the makers of these amazing products, and to learn more about how they make them.

The story behind the site is that the makers, an Egyptian family in Alexandria, have been working on a new men’s shoe for several years.

They’ve decided to take their slippers to the next level, and have been creating a full-bodied version, the “House of Anus,” for over a year now.

The shoe is named after the ancient Egyptian god Anubis, who, according to legend, is the one who wears the full-body robe and who rules over the underworld.

The family has been working for a number of years to perfect the creation of a full length shoe.

Their current iteration of the shoe, dubbed “The Anus”, is based on the design of the classic men’s slippers.

It’s made out of leather, polyester and leather mesh, and is made with the help of a company called G-Tec.

The shoes feature a full leather upper with leather soles, and a mesh sole.

The shoe has a variety of different colors, including black, white, pink, purple, blue and green, and they also have a mesh tongue.

These are the two most recognizable details of the “Anus.”

The “Ans” is available in a variety different colors.

In the video above, you can see the three different versions of the shoes, as well as their other features, including a leather lining and a full lace-up shoe heel.

The “House” of Anuses also features a leather tongue, a mesh lace-ups sole and a removable tongue, as opposed to the traditional mesh-sole-sole combination that you see on the Men’s house shoes.

The makers have also made a number variations of the Anus.

The shoe can be worn on its own or with a hood, as shown in the video below.

The black version of the boots are available in different colors as well, as you can read about them in the photos.

The new “House Men’s” model of the Men ‘s House Slippers has a leather upper and a leather sole.

The main feature of the new “Men’s” version is the leather lining.

The company says the leather sole is more comfortable and breathable than the traditional leather sole, which is used in men’s shoes for several reasons.

The leather sole helps keep the shoe dry, which means less sweat on the foot and more energy.

The leather lining on the men’s “House Slippers” is the most comfortable material out there, and the company has also designed a special material for the tongue, which makes it easier to pull up the sole of the mens shoes.

There’s a variety on the other foot features, too.

For example, you get a mesh heel that has a zipper closure.

This is an important feature for people with small feet, because the zipper can snag on the sole and cause a lot of pain.

The men’s House Slipper comes in three different colors: black, brown and white.

The “House Grey” version, also known as “The Grey”, has a darker brown leather upper, and has a mesh lining and an adjustable tongue.

The men’s version of “The Men” has a black leather sole and is the only “Men” version available.

The Men’s version also has a slightly different tongue design than the Men version, as it features an extra small notch at the top of the tongue to allow you to pull it up.

All three versions are available online.

The price for the “Men Men’s Men’s”, “Men White” and “Men Grey” versions is $175 for a pair.