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Bird house planning can be a tricky business, but a new property near the Queensland coastline has found a solution to keep birds happy and healthy.

Key points:The new house has been built on the site of a former house which was demolished by developers in 2016The property sits on an ancient lake which has been used for fishing for thousands of yearsThe property is located on an area which was used as a fishing ground for thousands more yearsThe project is funded by the State Government and is part of a wider effort to protect the environment and the native flora and fauna.

The former house, located on the south coast of Brisbane, was destroyed by developers more than 30 years ago.

It was the site where a large family had built a large shed and living area.

In 2015, the Queensland Government and the Northern Territory Government agreed to develop the site for a large public amenity.

In March, developers built a house on the former site, with the intention of putting up a large outdoor terrace.

The property on the property is surrounded by an ancient freshwater lake, which has provided the area with an area where fishing for salmon, sardines and other fish can be done.

The project will include building an outdoor terraces, swimming pool, an ice rink, barbecue area, a restaurant and a sauna.

The Queensland Government says it will work with the owner to ensure that the area is maintained for recreational use and is not affected by construction.

“The property owners will have the option of building their own outdoor terracing and using the same site as a recreational area,” the Queensland Environment Minister Rob Stokes said.

“We want to be respectful of the heritage of the site and the community in which it will be located.”

The project has been supported by the Queensland Tourism Commission and the Department of Environment and Heritage.

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