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Haunting is a huge issue for many Australians, particularly the elderly.

While the ghosts of Victorian houses are real, ghost houses are a lot more.

The ghost house is a form of urban legend that has been around for generations.

In Victorian times, people would spend their weekends at the house and have their friends and family spend the evening.

This is how the legend got its name.

But it wasn’t always this way.

In the late 1800s, the idea of ghost houses began to spread.

A Victorian town was built in a forest and it became popular with the locals.

This was a time when the locals had to be careful and careful not to step on the fire pit or the fire-breathing fire ants.

They didn’t want any of these things in their houses.

One local resident said, “We must be careful with the house, but the ants don’t come in.”

In 1839, the town council decided to remove all of the houses in the forest.

This meant that the residents had to stay in their homes until they got to the end of their shift.

They would then go out into the forest to gather berries, and return home.

This was not a bad idea.

There was nothing to be afraid of, and everyone was doing what they were supposed to do.

People were afraid to go outside, which meant that they had to walk around their homes.

There was a lot of talk about the ghosts.

One woman said,”I never knew how they got in.

The ants come in through the chimney, through the back window, through a window, and they are just crawling about in every room.”

The problem was, the ants didn’t come out of the chimneys, but through the windows.

When the council removed the chimks, the problem only got worse.

People would go out to gather food, and come back empty-handed.

People couldn’t eat and the ants would come back.

There are many stories of the ghosts walking around in the house.

People have told of seeing the ghosts in their bedrooms.

One of the legends goes, “The ghosts come in by night and sleep in the rooms.”

This is a great story.

But what if the ghosts are actually just sitting there, watching you?

There are some myths about the house that you might not believe.

One story says that you must go to a certain point in the garden, and sit on a stone and let the ghosts live.

They will take you there, and you will be safe.

Another story says, “It’s like you are watching someone, and the ghost is watching you.

It says, ‘It’s OK.

Just go and sit here.'”

It sounds strange, but there is one very important thing to remember.

The ghosts don’t live in the houses.

They live in other people’s houses.

In the stories about the ghost, people are told that they will get lost in the trees.

They don’t go to the houses, but instead sit on the stone and wait for someone to come and help them.

The ghost will come to them and sit next to them.

It’s as if they are in a movie, and if they watch it for a long time, they will forget about it and go to another house.

But if they can get away from the house all of a sudden, and are in another room, they don’t get away.

So it’s not that the ghosts can’t get out of a house, it’s just that they don’ t do it often enough to make a difference.

The problem is that the stories are often quite accurate.

The stories of this particular Victorian legend, however, do not hold up in court.

So is there really a ghost inside a house?

There are a few other ghost stories, too, but we will focus on the ones that are the most commonly accepted.

What do the stories say?

In some stories, the ghosts will take a walk around the house every day.

They may also walk around in other rooms and look for something to eat.

One popular story tells of a man who went to his friends house one day, and when he came back, he found a door on the ground.

There were two people in the room.

They went out to get something to drink, and all of sudden, they heard someone come in.

They both thought it was the old man who had come back and was eating something.

They thought, “Well, he must have gone to eat something, and then the ghost has come in and gone out again.

But he is not really dead.

He’s just sitting on the floor.”

The house in question is the Victorian mansion, “Old Man” and “Little Lady” in this story.

There is a staircase in the back, which is not always the case in other ghost story.

Sometimes the ghost comes down the stairs, and it looks like a girl.

The story goes, a ghostly hand has appeared in the girl’s house,