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It was a cold and windy day when a man with a camera pulled up beside the Danes, asking to be allowed to film their front porch.

“What are you filming?” asked the man, a real estate agent named Daniele, as he walked past the home.

“We are filming the house,” said the man with the camera.

“That’s my front yard.”

The man with cameras then asked to go inside.

“I said, ‘Can I come in?

I’m a realtor.'”

The real estate agents was not interested.

The Danes were not interested in real estate.

They were just interested in an old man’s house, one that had long been vacant and abandoned, and that they wanted to get rid of.

The house, which the Danys had inherited from their grandfather, had been the last home they had in the area.

It had been their home for about five decades.

But that didn’t stop the family from buying it in 2007.

They bought the house and converted it into a small apartment complex.

They also renovated the home to include a second floor.

“They made it into something very special, and I feel very lucky to be able to stay in that house for so many years,” said Daniell, who has lived in the house since she was 12.

Daniella says she and her family were never worried about the people living there.

“It was just a home,” she said.

“And I felt like we had something special here.”

But after a while, things started to change.

In March of this year, the family decided to put the house up for sale.

“There was no way to turn it around,” said Karen Daniello, Danieella’s sister.

“At first it seemed like a really nice house, but then we saw the things they were doing to it.

It was really bad.”

The family bought it, but the realtor was still interested in renting it out.

In the end, Karen Danio, Karen’s sister, sold it to another realtor.

Danelas family has lived there since they were teenagers.

They moved to Toronto in 1998 to attend university and had to leave behind their old home, which they had lived in for years.

Danese and Karen had never wanted to sell, and they were worried about losing their house.

They knew they had to make the move, but they weren’t sure they would be able afford it.

“You always know you’re going to have to sell it,” said Mark Danieelli, Danella’s uncle.

“But we’re kind of excited because it feels like we have a home.”

The Danese family decided that selling was not an option.

The family decided it would be better if they kept the property.

But then in December of last year, Karen went to the house with her sister, and the family found out that the real estate agency had contacted the property manager to try and rent the property out.

Karen Danitelli says that when she saw the news, she called her sister.

The two women had never spoken before, but Karen said they were shocked to hear that someone had been contacting them about the home they loved.

“When we were told that somebody had called, we just felt really, really sad, because we were looking forward to moving into the house that we love,” Karen said.

The realtor contacted the family, who contacted the realtors agent, and when they were told the house had been rented, Karen said, the agent came over and told them they would have to get a second mortgage.

Karen and Markiella were devastated.

They didn’t know how they would react.

Karen says that she and Markyella knew that they had made the right decision.

“This is the best house we’ve ever owned,” Karen Danese said.

And they were very happy with the house.

The next day, the realty agent came to pick the property up.

Karen said that they were surprised to see that the agent had gone through the house, and found that everything had been cleaned and the house was in good shape.

“Everything was very clean, very neat,” Karen explained.

“The whole house was perfect.”

But Karen said she and the rest of the family were not happy.

Karen had a few words of advice for those considering the move.

“If you think about it, it’s not like you’re taking your family away,” Karen told the real agent.

“Even if you move your whole family, that’s not a big deal.

But the fact that you’re buying a house and you’re not leaving the family behind makes a lot of sense to us.

You know what?

We’re happy.

And I know I’m happy.”

The next morning, Karen and the other Danese kids left the house to take a ride on the M8, heading for a train.

“Our kids were crying, ‘No way we’re going