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We have all heard the saying, ‘If it’s red, it’s expensive’.

But when it comes to London, we’re not sure if it’s true.

In fact, the question is ‘Is it really worth it?’

Here are some of the best homes you can buy in London.


The King Edward VII House It’s an old-fashioned London mansion that sits on a corner of the old City of London, right next to the Euston Terminal.

The house has a modern style that looks out over the London skyline and boasts a grand staircase leading to the roof.

It’s a big home that’s very well preserved, and it has been on the market for over three years now.

It cost a total of £1.5m to build.


Whitechapel Estate Whitechampes estate, formerly known as the Rookwood Estate, is situated on a peninsula off the coast of Devon and has been in the running for years.

The property is located near the southern tip of England and it’s owned by the Blackstone Group.

This estate has been valued at £3.3m and it sits on 2,000 acres of land.

It has a stunning array of gardens and terraces, and there’s even a lake in the property.


Kensington and Chelsea Mansion Kensington Palace was once the seat of the British monarchy, and in its heyday it was a grand palace.

It sits on 1,100 acres in London’s Hyde Park, which is a historic part of London and the heart of the capital.

It was built as part of the 1776 Restoration of London to be the city’s official residence.

The current residence is worth an estimated £1m and has a beautiful garden and a fantastic swimming pool.


Buckingham Palace The Palace of Westminster was the seat for the British monarch for many years and it was originally built in 1560.

Today, it is the British government’s residence.

Buckingham’s current home is valued at more than £1 million, and the property has been described as a ‘national treasure’.


St. George’s Hall St George’s Palace is one of the world’s largest and most important churches.

It is situated in Westminster Abbey, which was founded by St George in the 14th century.

The building has a massive facade and was built for the Royal Palace, which housed the palace during the reign of Elizabeth I. It now houses the UK’s Ministry of Defence.


Westminster Abbey This historic building is situated along the River Thames in London and is the seat and headquarters of the United Kingdom’s government.

It dates back to the reigns of Charles II and Edward III and it is one the most visited sites in the UK.

It holds around 7,000 people and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It features a series of towers and other structures and is known for its gardens.


Windsor Castle The historic castle sits just outside the city of Windsor, which sits on the north coast of England.

It became the residence of the Earl of Leicester, Lord of Wessex, in 1636 and is considered to be one of England’s greatest royal palaces.

The castle was built in the 1560s and the building was later demolished by the reign, of King George V. The Palace is valued by collectors at around £600,000 and is one one of London’s most valuable estates.


The National Trust Building In 1672, Parliament was moved to the National Trust building at the centre of the town of London.

The site is a mixture of historic and modern buildings and features a large park which is open to the public.

The mansion has been the home of the National Museum of Westminster for nearly 80 years.


Buckingham Castle Buckingham Palace was the royal palace from 1566 to 1660 and was used as the official residence of Queen Elizabeth I for the next two decades.

It remains the official home of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II.

Buckingham was a significant residence in the Tudor period, and he had a large estate on the grounds.

It includes a private garden and was the official dining and entertainment venue for the queen.


Westminster Hall It is an area of London where many of the most beautiful historical buildings have been built.

This is where the Palace of Parliament once sat, and is also where the Queen of England was first crowned.

It also has a large lawn and garden.


Buckingham House The Queen’s official home in London, Buckingham House is a magnificent home that dates back nearly two centuries to the 18th century and houses the National Gallery of Art.

It contains a series and private gardens.

It measures around 2,700 metres in length and is designed to look out over Westminster Abbey.


The House of Commons This House of Parliament was founded in 1707, and has housed the Houses of Parliament since.

It houses the House of Lords and the House that governs the House, which has a range of parliamentary responsibilities.

The palace is a