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There’s an argument to be made that Cleveland’s NFL team should be renamed the Cleveland Browns.

It’s an easy sell to many fans, and if it sounds like a good idea, then it is.

It would certainly make for a better product.

But there’s another option.

In a city where football is the mainstay of the sports landscape, it’s time for the Browns to get rid of its name.

Here are some options for the Cleveland team to consider:1.

The Cleveland Browns should name their stadium after the owl mascot, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

That would be a nice change.2.

The NFL could rename the team’s home field at Quicken Loans Arena to the QuickenLofts.

That could make it a lot more palatable.3.

The Browns could also name the stadium after a fictional character from the movie “The Flintstones,” according to

That’s not a bad idea.4.

There’s no reason to think the Cleveland Indians will keep the name of the team.

If they wanted to, they could use the name “The Browns.”5.

The Indians could rename their stadium in honor of their founder, Tom Pauli, according the Cleveland.