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An infectious disease specialist from the University of Adelaide says bats provide a key factor in helping people survive in a pandemic.

In an article published in the journal Nature, Dr Joanne Brown said bats are vital to keeping people alive in a disease outbreak and are especially important to preventing deaths.

“We’re talking about humans here and animals here.

We’ve seen bats in some very high risk areas that are highly immunocompromised, meaning they can’t travel to other areas where they can breed, so they are very important in protecting those in those areas,” Dr Brown said.”

The bats have evolved over millions of years and they’ve adapted to cope with these challenges in a really diverse way, and that’s why they’re so important in terms of helping people to stay alive.”

Bats are also a key component of batswearing, a survival tool used by hunters to protect themselves against predators such as lions and tigers.

Dr Brown said the bats used their huge wings to soar above predators and avoid them, but that bats have adapted to survive in the face of some of the most severe impacts of climate change.

“Bats use their wings to move to the prey, but also to avoid predators and to help defend themselves against them.”

It’s very important to recognise that bats can fly really fast and so their wings have evolved to adapt to this,” she said.

She said the bat’s ability to fly was probably a key reason for their popularity in the wild.”

They are so adaptable.

They can survive and adapt to a lot of different environmental conditions,” Dr Cook said.

Dr Cook said bats were highly adaptive to the changing climate of their environments and were well suited to adapt as humans moved into the tropics.”

What we’re seeing in some places is bats have been moved to new areas and there are people who have been doing this for thousands of years,” she added.

Bats have been introduced to Australia as early as 1868.

The Australian government estimates more than 90 per cent of the country’s bat population was killed in the pandemic in Australia.

Infectious diseases experts say bats have played a role in reducing the spread of diseases by providing protection against mosquitoes.

Bites have also been used by scientists to study the immune system and immune responses to viruses.

The Department of the Environment said the country had the best track record of controlling the spread and recovery of the pandemics Aussie Bats are highly contagious and spread through the air.

They can also spread disease by feeding on infected insects and mice.

The World Health Organization estimates that about 15 per cent to 20 per cent per year of bats in the world are infected with a coronavirus.

The government has been urging people to reduce the number of bat visits they make to Australia.

The new study shows that a person who has bat contact at least once a year can reduce their risk of contracting the virus by about 50 per cent.

Dr Smith said that, in addition to the benefit of a low-cost, non-invasive way of protecting against the disease, the bats also help people get around by providing a means to disperse their waste, which is more efficient and less expensive than disposing of it.”

These bats are the perfect habitat for people to be able to fly in the area and then to leave their waste there and to move it, so it’s a lot more efficient,” Dr Smith said.


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