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A Mumbai beach house with a no-window policy has been crowned the most “affordable” beach house in India by a leading real estate website.

The 10,000 sq ft beach house, owned by an unnamed family in an upscale suburb of the city, has been featured on the listing of properties in the country’s most affordable cities since March.

The listing shows that the house is available for sale for around Rs 5 lakh (about US$7,500), which is less than half of the average price of the property.

The house was built by a builder who said he did not have any experience in building houses.

It was also said to have a single bathroom.

“It has a balcony that is a bit smaller than a toilet and the whole thing is made of plywood.

It’s an outdoor living space,” a resident of the beach house told NDTV.

The property was last updated on February 27, 2017.

The website claims the house has no visible windows and no furnishings in the home.

The listing also shows that while the house was listed as a vacation home for the owner, there is no indication of any vacation plans.

The beach house is currently the most popular listing for vacation properties in Mumbai.

The city’s top three most popular vacation destinations are Pune, New Delhi and Mumbai.