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The city of London is known for its eclectic housing stock, but many people will tell you the one they’re going to choose is the house they bought with their parents in the 1960s.

The house featured in the HBO series “Game of Thrones” is called The Wall, which was built by the French government to keep the city from being overrun by refugees during World War II.

A number of houses from the series have been built since then, including the Iron Throne in King’s Landing, the House of Black and White in Winterfell, and the House in the Tower of Joy in Westeros.

But this particular house has long been the envy of fans of the HBO show.

And now, for the first time, the house has finally made the final cut of the Emmy nominations for the show’s 13th season.

The show’s cast members will vote for their favorite house on Wednesday, May 10.

Then the winner will be announced on May 16.

If you’re wondering why the house is so popular, this is because it was designed by the legendary architect Jean Nouvelle and the home’s design is inspired by the work of a French architect, Claude Gérard-Lazareau.

A series of photos shows how this particular home has been designed.

The first floor is designed by Nouvelles wife, Gérée, who designed the house as an extension of her studio apartment in Paris.

The main room, with its elegant glass windows, is a tribute to the house’s original designer, who had the house named after him.

The second floor is inspired from the courtyard of Géré’s studio apartment, with the house designed by Jean Nouvelles son, Olivier.

The third floor is modeled after the living room and the kitchen, which features a large, French-style fireplace.

It also has a fireplace and fireplace-style bathtub.

The fourth floor is named for the artist Jacques de la Tour, who created the famous Parisian garden and a large arbor in the house.

The final floor features a staircase, and it’s modeled after a French-Italian dining room.

The staircase is modeled on the main hallway of Général, Génée’s studio.

This house is actually a replica of the one Nouvellez designed for the series, but it’s not exactly the one you see in the show.

It’s called the White Walk, and according to the official Wikipedia, it was built in 1931 by architect René Léger to serve as a house for his mistress, Louise Légers.

In this version, the room was completely different from the one seen in the series.

Instead of a living room, the living area is made up of a large bedroom with a fireplace, a closet, and a separate bathroom.

This room also featured a fireplace-type bathtub, but the bathtub was a decorative one that was built over the bath in order to give it a bit of a modern look.

The most recent house on the list was constructed in 2004 by Robert Corman, a former architect who designed several famous buildings in Hollywood.

The last house on this list is based on a design by architect Jacques Férin, who also designed the “White Walk” and the “Grand Hyatt” in Paris and the Gérards-Légers-designed “The Golden House.”

Férin’s home is on the second floor of an apartment building in Paris, which is named after his former studio.

It has a courtyard, and its main entrance is a staircase that leads to the terrace.

Féin designed the building to reflect the design of his home, and he also designed a few other properties around Paris.

Fénin was also a prominent architect during the 1960’s, when his work was recognized as one of the most important architectural projects in the world.

His designs for the Paris Hilton Hotel were the first to feature balconies.

The home was originally built for Félin’s brother-in-law, Pierre.

Férin died in 2011, and his family owns the property.

The house is now owned by the family of Pierre Fépin, who has been criticized for not keeping up with the demands of his own design.

A house in London is called the Iron Wall.

It was built during World Wars I and II by the British government to prevent the city being overrun with refugees.

The home featured in “Game Of Thrones” has been modeled after this Iron Wall, with a glass roof and a French motif.

The second floor features the same design as the White Walker in the TV show.

The House of Winterfell is a medieval house built by Robert and Lady Eddard Stark in the time of the Targaryens.

The Iron Throne is an oversized fireplace that is modeled from a wall at the castle’s entrance.

This is the home where Sansa Stark and her family lived during the last season of “Game.”

The second-floor bedrooms are modeled on