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When the dog and cat are out, it is time to camp.

And that is exactly what happened to this pair of dogs at Chapo Trap House in Boca Raton, Florida.

The dogs were taken from their owners in a helicopter and brought back to their owners, where they were left alone in the back of a van, waiting for the owner to return.

But the dogs were nowhere to be found when the owner returned to the house, and so the owners decided to bring their own dogs into the house to help keep the dogs in check.

They took two of the dogs into their home and brought them back to the shelter to help with the dogs’ welfare.

The two dogs were named Bella and Cutey, and they are the first of their kind to be taken to shelter and adoptable.

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| How to identify a dog’s family]The story of how Bella and the two other dogs became the first in their family to be adopted at Chapop Trap House is a tale of the good, the bad and the unexpected.

When the owners returned to their home in the middle of the night, the dogs had already gone missing, and the owners had no idea where they’d gone.

So they decided to keep the two dogs in their home as a way of keeping them safe while they searched for them.

The dogs were not alone.

Two other dogs had been brought to the home to be put up for adoption, but were found dead.

The owners did not know who had killed them, so they took them to the police department and filed a missing persons report.

The dog that Bella and her two other pets belonged to were found to have been in a separate room with no food, water or a place to go.

The police officers who came to the scene were able to trace the dogs to the two people who had taken them from the home.

[The most amazing stories from the past year | 5 unforgettable photos of 2017]While the two animals were brought to their own home, they had to be brought into the shelter.

The shelter had already been set up to look after the dogs, but the shelter staff were not allowed to feed the dogs or provide any medical attention to them.

The animals were placed into a quarantine facility, but because of their large size, they were not able to fit through the doors.

And since the shelter was full, the staff had to bring in more food.

The staff had trouble finding the right food, and eventually the dogs started to get sick.

The owner went to the rescue, and when she was able to get a food voucher from a shelter worker, the dog came home.

And because she was an experienced vet, the owner decided to try and treat the dogs with the proper medicine.

[How to identify your dog’s breed]At first, the owners were unable to give Bella and his two other friends food.

But soon, Bella began to eat her own food and was taking in a little more of the food.

Bella’s appetite quickly grew and he started to grow bigger.

Bella and Bella’s other friends also started to gain weight.

At one point, Bella weighed up to 6 pounds, 8 ounces, but it would take months before the owner could get Bella to weigh down his food.

And even though the owner kept Bella fed, he could not take Bella out of the quarantine facility.

Bella had to stay in the quarantine for a month before the owners could bring him out of quarantine.

When Bella finally had enough, he was brought into their rescue and was given a vaccination and some treats.

After about a week, Bella started to become healthy again, and he began to be more affectionate.

Bella is now being adopted out by other shelter staff.

And now, he has been adopted out to another shelter, where he is in the care of the ASPCA.

The owners of the Chapop trap house say Bella and two of his friends have been adopted and have been staying in the shelter for almost a month now.

Bella has already shown signs of gaining weight.

So the owners say Bella should be given a home with other dogs.

They want Bella to have a home where he can be cared for and socialized.

[Related: The most surprising stories from 2017 | 10 unforgettable photos from 2017]The owners say they want Bella and other dogs who are at risk of being lost to have safe homes.

If a shelter employee can’t find Bella, the animals should be adopted out.

The animal will never be lost and the shelter is the only place where Bella and all of his other friends can be placed.

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