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We’ve been told that Google is working on a data center near its Mountain View campus, and the new data center will house some of its next-generation cloud computing systems.

While the new facilities won’t be built anytime soon, we have a feeling that Google may be doing some big data analytics in the coming years.

The company has already been working with the Google Cloud Data Center Group (GCDC) to create the Google Data Center in Mountain View.

This is an official partnership between Google and the GCDC, which is the largest data center in the United States, according to Google.

The GCDC is an alliance of nine US states and Washington, DC, along with the state of California.

The Google Cloud Platform, Google’s cloud-based computing platform, runs on the GCdc, which provides cloud services to all the US states.

Google has also hired a number of big data experts from the GCACD.

It’s likely that Google will hire some of those people to work on its new data centers, which will be located at a variety of data centers around the world.

Google’s data centers are typically located in the San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley, and New York City, according a press release from Google.

A Google spokesperson declined to comment on the details of Google’s next data center, but noted that it was in talks with GCDC for years.

It will be a new project that will be in addition to the current GCDC data center.

Google is also working with other data centers in the US to build and run its next generation data centers.

For example, the company recently hired engineers from IBM, HP, and Dell to build its new Data Center Austin data center at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport in Texas.

The data center is part of the larger IBM Texas data center project, which includes the new Google DataCenter in San Francisco.

Google also has some other big data centers planned in the near future.

It has already begun building a new data lab at its new HQ in Mountain Lake, Utah, which it hopes will be ready for use in 2021.

It also plans to build a new facility in China, which the company hopes to open in 2020.

It is also planning to build new data hubs at the US Naval Air Station in San Diego and the Navy Base at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii.

The new data centre is expected to be the largest and most expensive data center Google has built to date, and it is expected that the new facility will house the company’s biggest datacenters: Google’s new data centres will be able to house up to a hundred million data points.

Google already has a lot of data to analyze.

The Mountain View, California-based company has amassed massive amounts of information on its users and other data about the world, and Google is expected by some to be building the largest supercomputing cluster in the world in the next few years.

Google will also be building new data warehouses, which could help it to store data in the cloud for longer periods of time, and possibly even to store large amounts of data.