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A house party app has been accused of putting a toddler’s mother in danger after she was accidentally left in the house for a couple of hours, according to reports.

A Facebook group, Big Momma’s House Party, claimed the toddler’s father and his mother were “in the house with us” during the incident and that the toddler was left alone with them.

“Our home has a security lock, and they were using it for something,” the post reads.

“I think the security lock is supposed to prevent people from just entering the house without the lock on.

So if it’s someone who has a lot of guns in the home, they’re probably going to get their hands on guns, so I don’t know.”

The group’s post has since been deleted, but the photo of the toddler still appears on the group’s page.

The Facebook page has since taken down the post, but a copy of it has been uploaded to other groups.

The toddler’s parents have since been contacted by The Huffington Post and the New York Daily News, but neither has confirmed whether the toddler is in the care of the authorities.

“It was a really weird experience.

We thought it was a normal house party, and when we got inside the house and saw the mom and the dad, it was very scary,” the toddler told the Daily News.”

My mom is the biggest fan of the Kliffs.

I think it’s pretty funny, that she was in the middle of it.””

I’m just glad that they’re safe.”