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A new house built by real estate company Cascadia Homes is about to hit the market in the suburbs of Dallas and Fort Worth.

The house, called the “Moorland”, is being marketed as a “luxury lifestyle house” with a “very low cost” to the buyer.

The home is being priced at $250,000, and the first units will be sold this fall.

The “Merryland” is currently listed on the Texas real estate website.

The interior features a two-car garage with a garage door opening out into the backyard.

The first homes on the market at the “Cascadia” include the “Lilith” in a two bedroom house and the “Sultan” in an 11,800 square foot home.

There is also a “Sue” home on the “Rampart” lot.

Cascadian Homes plans to begin selling the houses by the end of the year.

Crescadia Homes said it had raised $8.3 million in a private funding round led by Chinese investment firm Fosun International, which was led by Jia Yunlin.

The firm said it would use the funds to expand the project’s footprint and expand the company’s customer base.

The project is not a residential home.

It’s about the type of house that a couple could buy, said Mike Bowers, the vice president of marketing for Cascadia.

He said the house will be a “family home” and be designed to provide the family with “a safe and comfortable environment”.

The Cascadean Homes website shows that the house is located in the town of Luling, a suburb of Dallas.

It also shows the house has a lot of rooms and has been designed to accommodate a lot more people.

The property is expected to be ready for sale in 2019.