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Bloxburg, VA (BIRMINGHAM, Alabama) Bloxburg House Ideas is a local boutique style house located on a small farm in Bloxburgh, Virginia.

Built in 1892, the Bloxberg House is an historic house with a stunning view of the Potomac River, a small town in the heart of the D.C. area.

Bloxberg House, like its namesake, is an elegant Victorian house with elegant furniture and ornate interior.

The Bloxburys are a well-known name in the local restaurant scene, with many restaurants in the area offering a delicious dining experience.

The BloxBURY House is a destination for diners who enjoy a quiet setting with a warm atmosphere and attentive service.

The house is located at 704-872-2418 and is open daily. 

The Bluxburg House is located in the rural part of the county of Virginia.

The house is a traditional farm house with stone flooring and wood-burning fireplace, a spacious living room and large living room.

The home has a beautiful view of Potomacs River, and is perfect for an afternoon relaxing walk, or for a relaxing afternoon meeting.

The farm house is on the Bluxberg Estate and features an expansive garden with lush, sunny lawns and large trees.

The house has an open back porch and spacious living area, with an ample dining area.

The interior of the house has a wide, comfortable seating area with large fireplace and an open, spacious kitchen with a variety of appliances.

The living room also has an excellent view of Bloxbury River, with a large, open fireplace, and a fireplace and fireplace fireplace in the living room with a fireplace on the dining room and a large fireplace in each bedroom.

The kitchen has a large stove, a large range, a refrigerator and dishwasher, and an oven, all with built-in dishwashers.

The bathrooms have a bathtub, shower and sink, and two large closets.

The garden has a variety and beautiful landscaping, including a pond, a variety tree, and many bushes and plants.