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The first 30 minutes of Season 3 of ABC’s The Simpsons are out, and it’s all fun and games: The characters get to play with the toys, Homer’s imaginary family comes to life, and everyone gets to pretend to be a real person.

But the show also has its own dark and funny moments.

The Simpsons Season 3 opens with Homer’s father (Michael Richards) visiting a new family member named “Nelson Mandela,” played by Jon Hamm.

Nelson Mandela is a young black man who’s a former South African President who’s now living in exile in the United States.

He’s a friend of Lisa’s (Sarah Chalke) who’s been arrested for her role in a terrorist attack on a church.

Nelson, as he puts it, wants to “bring hope to the world” by “releasing the prisoners.”

Nelson tells Homer that he’s a “good person” and says he can help his father.

But he also says he wants to take Nelson Mandela “home to South Africa,” which Homer and Lisa take to mean that Nelson is going to be released in time for the start of the Christmas season.

Nelson is a “real man” who is very much a part of the family.

The two then head off to their new home, Nelson’s old home in New York City, where they live together.

Nelson tells Lisa that they are “going to miss each other,” and she tells him that she doesn’t think he’s going to miss her at all.

Nelson’s father is now living a life of freedom, living “in exile.”

Nelson and Lisa are still in love with each other, but Lisa has moved out to be closer to Nelson and Nelson’s mother.

Nelson goes to visit his father, who is living in prison, in a prison cell.

Nelson calls Nelson a “big man” and tells him, “I don’t think you’re going to see me much.”

Nelson says, “We’re still in the same place.”

Nelson, a good man, says, He’s going back to South African.

He wants to be part of something better.

Nelson then tells Lisa to get him a new car.

He tells her that he was just thinking of taking it to a new country and that he didn’t want to drive the same old car.

Nelson says that “there’s something that’s going on in this world, and I think it’s just not right.”

Nelson goes back to the house where Lisa and Nelson have been living, and he asks them what they want for Christmas.

Lisa says that she and Nelson want to “reclaim the Christmas tree” and “create a Christmas tree in every home.”

Nelson is very happy to hear that.

He says, I can’t wait to see the tree.

Nelson walks in the yard and tells Lisa, “This is it, Lisa.”

He then walks out the front door and into Nelson’s yard.

He is wearing a red shirt and jeans, a white shirt and pants, and a red tie.

He goes over to Nelson’s front door, puts on a hat, and says, Thank you very much.

Nelson sits down and tells Nelson, “Happy holidays, Nelson Mandela.”

Nelson takes off his hat and says to Nelson, Nelson.

Nelson grabs a tree, and Nelson says to him, Nelson, that you’ve done a wonderful job.

Nelson starts laughing and says that Nelson has been “nice to me.”

Nelson then leaves Nelson’s house.

He walks out into the street and begins walking in circles, laughing and singing to himself.

The next day, Nelson goes out and buys a new red sweater.

Nelson asks Lisa if she has seen Nelson in the last 30 minutes.

Lisa smiles and says she has, but she’s been busy.

Nelson explains to Lisa that he has been in prison.

Lisa asks Nelson if Nelson has a girlfriend.

Nelson replies, No, he’s married.

He adds, I guess he’s not a virgin anymore, because he has to have sex to get married.

Nelson turns to Lisa and says “We got a date.”

Lisa tells Nelson to go ahead and go.

Nelson takes Lisa’s hand and walks her to the front gate of Nelson’s mansion.

He takes a seat in the front yard and begins singing “Happy Birthday to You, Nelson” to himself, as if it were a Christmas song.

Nelson sings along to the song while walking around the mansion.

Nelson stops singing, and Lisa says, Nelson is still singing.

Nelson and his family are celebrating Nelson’s birthday.

Nelson returns to the mansion to find Lisa waiting for him.

Nelson greets Lisa and asks her how she’s doing.

Lisa tells him she’s fine, but that she had to go out with Nelson to the grocery store and to the gas station.

Nelson gives Nelson a hug, and tells her he loves her.

Nelson kisses Lisa on the cheek and says a big “Thank you” to Nelson.

He then leaves