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Drew House’s newest venture, the new sushi house, offers a buffet-style dining experience, where diners get to sample dishes from the restaurant’s new menu, including house-made nigiri and crab roll, while enjoying an afternoon of live jazz. 

The $40-a-plate menu is geared toward casual diners, and includes dishes such as nigiri, crab roll and house-crafted shrimp.

The chef, John Tannenbaum, said in a statement that he and his team are looking for “a more intimate dining experience.”

Tanno’s sushi bar has opened in New York’s Chinatown neighborhood since September and will offer a more intimate experience for diners who want to eat with a group.

The new spot, which is in its third year, is set to open next week in Manhattan’s Chinatown. 

According to the New York Times, the sushi bar was inspired by the experience of working with chefs who come from different regions around the world, including Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

Tanni’s first sushi bar, a restaurant in Tokyo, closed in October 2016 after two years in business.

The restaurant has become popular with diners in the city, with a majority of diners choosing to dine in.

A recent survey by the New Yorker found that half of diner groups would eat at a sushi bar if it was available, while 20 percent said they would try to dines at the restaurant if it were available.

 This post has been updated with information from the New Orleans-based restaurant.