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A small Victorian house with a giant rodent problem is now looking to make some big changes.

Key points:The Victorian house mouse problem has been in the news since March 2017The house has been described as the largest in Australia since 2013, with two hundred and fifty mice and other critters living in itThe house is on a small property, so it has only one main entranceThe owner, who was unavailable for comment, has now moved in with her familyThe building has had mice living in a number of rooms, including an underground bathroom and a bedroom that was also found in a neighbouring homeThe owner of the property, who did not want to be named, told Vice News that she was worried about the health of her family and cats.

“We have the biggest house in the state, we have the largest house in Australia, but we have two hundred thousand mice living on our property,” she said.

“There’s no way they’re going to leave without us having to find a solution to get rid of them.”

The building is on an eight-hectare site, so there is only one entrance and only one door.

“It’s an enclosed space, so if they get into our house, they’re probably going to get into any number of other places in the house, and if we don’t get rid in time, then they’re likely to leave in our house,” she explained.

The house’s owner, with a property in Melbourne’s CBD, said the problems started when she moved in her family.

“The first two weeks, we were very cautious, and we didn’t even know how to lock the door, let alone how to open it,” she told Vice.

“So it was quite scary at first, but after a while, I just started opening it all the time.”

She said the mice would be living in every room and kitchen, including the basement.

It’s just the end of the world’When she first noticed the mice, she called in a pest control company and was told the problem was only around three per cent.””

And then they were living right in the hallway and just outside our front door, so that was just a really scary situation,” she added.’

It’s just the end of the world’When she first noticed the mice, she called in a pest control company and was told the problem was only around three per cent.

“I’m like, ‘Well, why are we not getting rid of all these rats?

Why aren’t we doing anything?’,” she recalled.”

Then they said, ‘Oh, that’s normal, it’s just a rat problem’.”

I said, “Well, it could be that they’re just hanging out on the kitchen table.'”

Then I had the pest control guy come and check everything out, and he was like, [I was] really surprised to see that they had actually got rid of the rats.

“She and her family had already installed a number deodorant sprays to reduce the amount of mice living inside the house.”

When we started the pest management, I was really sceptical because I thought, ‘Why aren’t they getting rid?’,” Ms Leong said.

But she said that after her pest control department contacted her and her pest management company, the problem went away and she was able to remove the rats.”

By the end, we had about three mice out of the building,” she shared.”

And then we had all the other rats out, because there were a lot of mice in there.

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