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The wife of a young American college student has said she “hadn’ been in that house”.

Sarah Jaffe told the ABC she had “no idea” why she was staying in the Sydney mansion owned by her husband.

“It was just a house, and I had been working at the farm for four years, so I had no idea,” she said.

“He was kind of doing everything else, but I had not been in there, and that’s when he had me stay there for four days.”

Ms Jaffe said she was “very happy” at the time.

“I had a good life, I had a job,” she told the program.

“And I don’t think I had ever felt so safe in my life.”

Ms Johnson’s story comes after a report from the US State Department last week found that Australia’s immigration system is “not meeting the needs of current and future migrants”.

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison has promised to overhaul the system.

“The United States has a problem,” Mr Morrison told reporters in Melbourne.

“We’re not going to fix that.”

MsJaffe said her husband and daughter would be attending the US college next month, but her family was also planning a visit.

“They said it’s been a long time coming,” she added.

“But they said it was a great time to come.”

MsJohnson, from North Carolina, was one of six US students and one Australian who were in detention in Indonesia.

They have since been released and are living in Sydney.