Al Bustani Real Estate Development

I rented one of my houses for rent for $50,000 in NYC, and the next time I go there I’m going to try and rent out my room.

I’ve got a room, a bed, a desk, and some tools and a little storage space.

I spent a few days in New York and rented a room in a nice house for $1,000 a month.

I didn’t use the bathroom because it was the last room I needed and I was using it for other things.

It was the most amazing house I’ve ever been in.

I got a little bit of a buzz about it, because it had a bunch of new features like this, this, and this.

It has this awesome TV that I bought, this nice bathroom, and these other things that are pretty cool.

It’s a little weird that I rented it for $500,000, but it was really nice, and I got paid to stay there, and now I’m renting it out.

It’s a really nice house.

It was the same thing in Seattle, and my girlfriend bought a house in the same neighborhood and it was $1 million.

The whole house was like $500k, but she was renting it for a month because she’s doing a tour of Seattle.

I rented a little room in this one and we had a good time.

It had all these great things.

We had the most awesome kitchen, the best living room, and then we had this amazing pool table.

I was just like, “Oh, I’m just going to use that.”

We had all this amazing things, and it felt like I got to spend the entire day with this beautiful person.

I’m glad I did.

I didn’t have to spend much time with the family, because I had a very nice Airbnb.

The people that lived there were so nice.

There was this girl that lived with me and I had my little friend that lived on the other side of the house and we’d just hang out.

We were a real nice team.

It kind of sucks that the house has to be on Airbnb because the city council didn’t approve that and it just was kind of a big problem.

But I really didn’t care because I loved my family and I really liked Seattle, I loved all the people, and all these other places.

I wanted to see all these places.

It just didn’t make sense for it to have to be off-site.

There was a house that was really great for a really cheap price, so I bought a room there and rent-a-cabin it.

I’ve had to live with this girl for a little while, and we’ve kind of grown up together, but there were only two of us and I only had to share my bed, and that’s the bed that she’s on right now.

We have a little living room on the floor that’s a couple of square feet and it’s kind of like a couch, and she’s got a bed in the middle.

It is very comfortable.

It is, it is, a little awkward.

She’s not going to sleep on the couch.

The couch is like a little chair.

I don’t know why she’s like that.

I like to have my bed on the bed and I can’t sleep on a couch.

I love it because it’s a great spot for me to be with my family.

It feels really cozy.

It gives me some privacy.

We can go to the park and it feels like a real living room.

There are a lot of other things we can do there. I love it.