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I have a party movie in my head right now and the house party is in the planning stages.

So what are the ingredients?

I need a party house with plenty of seating and plenty of room.

I need enough party-goers to fill a house party and I need the right kind of people to make it a success.

And if you want a party that will keep you occupied, a houseparty movie is for you.

So here are my top 10 house party movies for 2018.1.

House Party at the Hollywood Bowl in 20191.

The Last Mile2.

House Parties in 20182.

The House Party in 20184.

House party in 20185.

HouseParty in 20186.

House of Dank and Other House Parties6.

Dank Party in 20197.

Houseparty in 20198.

House Movie in 20199.

The Next House Party 10.

House movies in 2018