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A year of renovations and the arrival of spring meant a fresh start for the people of New Jersey. 

But how do you keep a summer house looking its best? 

We asked some of the top designers in the industry, including the Bathroom Man of Logan, to give us their best tips for keeping a summer home in the best condition possible.

Here are the tips that they gave:1. 

Be selective when you purchase your summer home2. 

Keep the bathroom clean3. 

Use the window to catch some sun4. 

If you live in a home with a large furniture area, don’t let it get too frosty5. 

Never leave a fresh water source open6. 

Always keep your bathroom and walls in good condition7. Put in a laundry bag and leave it there for at least 2 hours 8. 

Remove all doors and windows and  put your  bathrooms inside the shed9. 

Don’t leave  anything else inside10. 

Fill the tub with water and let it sit for 1 minute11. Make sure you put a headboard inside the tub12. 

Do not leave a tub out of use when you are working out13. You need to make a plan of your home14. 

 Never  leave the bathtub open during winter time15. 

Try to keep the heat to a minimum16. 

Clean the floors and trim down the trim on your house17. 

Stay away from gum and/or dust18. 

Include a small bucket of fruit and vegetables19. 

Bring your children back to your house20. Get the  best gardening plan you can21. 

Wash your garden every day22. 

Take your  house to the park when you have time23. 

Add fresh herbs to every potted plant24. 

Give your bed a little repetition before you leave it25. 

Allow the sun to stay inside of the house26. 

Replace all of your electrical things with more energy27. 

Maintain your indoor air temperature28. 

Leave your windows open for at least 10 minutes 29. 

Have the water in your bath basement turned on30. 

Choose a large fixture and fill it with fresh water and  place it in the cabin of the house31. 

Treat your living room as a mini garden32. 

Avoid watermelon fruits as they don t work out33. 

Stick a dishwasher in place at the back of  your kitchen34. 

Check the ceiling of every house for water leaks35. 

Seal the kitchen door when working out36. 

Install a sink and a shower head for a fantastic clean room37. 

Place a bucket of fresh water inside the window 38. 

Create a fire at your workbench39. 

Find the best air conditioner that you can afford40. 

Buy the right weather conditioning products for your new home41. 

Consider going out for a swim after spring to cool off42. 

Mix water and ice at the french bar in your summer house43. 

Start your winter day with  a cold beer44. 

When the temperature drops, you can stay out in the snow 44.

Start your ice pond and ice water fountain45. 

Rent out your own bathwater when  the weather is free46. 

Change your thermostat everytime when the temperature is below 40 degrees47. 

Set the timer for your couch to go cold48. 

Ensure that you have a thermostatically controlled heater in case the thermostats are