Al Bustani Real Estate Development

Young house love is all the rage these days, as millennials increasingly move out of their parents’ basements and into bigger, more spacious homes, according to a new study.

But finding the right house can be a challenge for the next generation of parents, who will be looking to live with their own children, experts say.

Here are seven common questions parents of young house lovers should ask themselves: What kind of house should I buy?

How much money will it cost?

Will it be a new house?

Can I live in a big house?

Is it too big for my kids?

Where will I put my furniture?

Will my kids sleep?

Will they have access to all the amenities of the home?

Will there be food in the house?

How long will it take to get used to the place?

When will I be able to move in?

What kind will it be?

How will it affect my kids and me?

Will I have enough money to cover my rent and other expenses?

Will all my kids have a place to go?

Will the kids stay at home?

What will it look like?

How old will I have to be to live in this house?

Will this house be like my parents’?

What’s the best age for me to buy?

Will we be living in a traditional home?

How far will I travel for work?

Will people ask me for money to buy something?

What if my kids are old enough to make it happen?

What should I do if the kids don’t want to live there?

Will parents find it easy to find a place for their kids?

How do I know if it’s a good fit?

How to start shopping for a house?

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