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CAROLINA — A podcast about the sport of basketball in the South and its many facets has been created by a group of friends.

The podcast is called “Basketball Of The South” and it is set to air in the coming weeks, and the hosts say it is an effort to bring the sport to more people.

The show focuses on the sports of basketball and the stories behind the sport.

The podcast has been described as “basketball-centric,” and it features interviews with former NBA players, local politicians and coaches.

The hosts say they were inspired by the podcast of a former basketball player in Alabama named “Lone Walker.”

The podcast also features a podcast about South Carolina basketball, the history of the game and the story behind it.

The host of the show is Josh Stearns, a former Alabama basketball player who has been living in Charlotte since 2011.

Stearns has lived in Charlotte for almost 10 years.

He moved to the Carolinas with his wife and their son, a daughter and a grandchild, and now he lives in Charlotte with his daughter and son-in-law.

Stears grew up playing basketball in his hometown of New York City, which is about a 10-hour drive from Charlotte.

He played in high school at East Tennessee State University, where he was a three-time All-Big South selection and the 2008 Big East Player of the Year.

Sterens went to the University of North Carolina-Wilmington in 2011 where he played two seasons.

He was a standout as a freshman at the school and earned all-conference honors.

He played for the Wolfpack of the Big South Conference, which played in the NCAA Tournament the previous two years.

In the last five years, Stearn has been in Charlotte, where the hosts were introduced to a woman named Melissa.

Starens, who grew up in Atlanta, was in college at the University, and he said he was inspired by Melissa’s passion for basketball.

“I was really excited to be a part of this, and to have her on the show,” Stearnes said.

Melissa is a basketball coach and player for the University.

The hosts say Melissa and Stearnis were able to work together to get together.

Staring at Melissa, Starens said he thought the two would be able to put together a great show.

“She’s such a great person and person, and she is so passionate about what she does,” Starenis said.

“So, I thought it was really cool to work with her.”

Melissa said she is excited about the show and has been learning a lot about the game.

“It’s such an exciting time right now.

I love it.

I’ve been trying to be in shape,” Melissa said.”

The game of basketball has really taken off.

I think we’re going to be really active.

I feel like people are taking notice of the sport and the games, and I think it’s going to continue to grow.”

This is an amazing time.

I’m excited to share it with everyone and see what they come up with.

“The hosts said they are hoping to make a few appearances in Charlotte to promote the show.

They plan to be around the city for a few months.”

We are going to go up to the city of Charlotte to give talks and give seminars and maybe some free stuff,” Staring said.