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A house engulfed in flames after being destroyed by an unseen enemy has become a ghost story in a ghostly underworld, as it was seen by researchers as a prime example of an ancient mystery.

The house on the top of the hill on the outskirts of Krakow, Poland, is believed to have been a former residence of the family of Polish author Andrzej Sobieski, who died in 2006.

It is currently undergoing renovation and is still in a state of disrepair, which suggests it may have once stood as a haunted castle.

A photo posted by michael (@michaelfoster) on Jan 5, 2020 at 10:17am PSTThe house was built in 1660 as a castle, but it was never used for any purpose other than the storage of personal belongings.

The property has been reported as a place where spirits are said to dwell, and it is the subject of numerous tales of haunting.

One, for example, claimed that the occupants were forced to eat human flesh, which is thought to have led to a fatal allergic reaction, according to local news website Zmag.

Another said the inhabitants were chased by ghosts and had been known to attack humans with knives.

One of the most bizarre and popular ghost stories is that of the house on a mountain, where the inhabitants allegedly hid their corpses in the trees and ate their remains.

It has also been reported that a man died in a forest after being chased by a ghost.

It’s believed that this story was inspired by the fact that the inhabitants of the castle lived in the forest and often made a pilgrimage to a nearby lake.

The building, however, has since been torn down.

Some claim that the ghost is responsible for the disappearance of one of the residents.

“It was a very quiet house.

The occupants lived there in a very peaceful manner, no one knew about it,” said Tomasz Kowalski, a local who was one of those who lived in that house.

He added that it was possible the house is haunted, but he does not believe it to be.

“The house has been there for so long, I think we all feel the pain that this place has caused,” he said.

“But, we don’t believe it.

It’s like someone is talking to us.”

We can’t believe that the house has gone, we believe it has not.

It is just a house.

“The house also had a bizarre feature: it was supposedly built from wood.”

If someone saw the house, they would see it as a strange structure.

It would have to have fallen from the sky,” said Kowelski.

The most recent sighting of the ghost came from April, when a man in his 40s was walking along the street when he came across a ghost of an elderly man.”

He saw the ghost and stopped and ran away,” said the man, who did not want to be named.