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Sacramento, California (CNN) — Four-bedroom, two-bathroom home in Sacramento sold for $1.9 million on Monday to a buyer who will be responsible for the property’s upkeep.

Owner Michael G. Glynn sold the home at an auction for $2.5 million to a private buyer who plans to renovate it into a five-bedroom house, according to the listing.

The sale came amid concerns about the state’s crumbling infrastructure, including a new $2 billion water project that is estimated to cost $50 million a year to maintain and $400 million a day to maintain, according the California Department of Water Resources.

The property has a two-car garage, an outdoor deck and a walk-in cooler.

It has been listed as being worth $1 million, but Glynn did not disclose the purchase price.

The Glynn family’s second home in San Diego sold in October for $6.8 million.

Glynne Glynn, the daughter of the founder of Glynn’s Furniture and Home Furnishings company, bought the property in 2015 for $600,000.