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A woman is suing a local real estate company for $1.8 million after she was left homeless in her home due to a snowstorm.

In October 2016, she said the family home was hit by a “superstorm” and she and her husband were evicted from the home.

“We are owed a fair amount of money by a real estate developer,” said Jennifer Gorman, the plaintiff, in court papers.

“This was the most significant event that we have ever experienced as a family.”

The lawsuit filed Thursday in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles is the latest in a string of legal challenges to the developers of the popular “garden-to-grave” gingerbread houses.

Gorman’s lawsuit claims the owners of The Real Estate Institute, the home improvement company that she says rented her home, failed to disclose that it was the site of a snow storm and that a snow removal company had to remove it from its site.

The Real Property Institute said in a statement that the “graphic” home was removed and that the lawsuit is without merit.

In her suit, Gorman says she was unable to rent a room or an apartment because she was out of town and needed to find a place to stay.

She said she paid $2,500 for a room at the house and $1,500 a month for a month’s rent.

The lawsuit said the house is owned by the Real Estate institute, which has a contract with the city of Anaheim to remove snow and ice from its property.

Gormann also claims that she was denied access to her husband, who lives in a rental unit, and her other children and that she has not been able to find work since the storm.

Gommans complaint claims that a realtor who had been hired to remove the snow and debris from the house failed to provide Gormans with proper documents or documentation of the removal process.

The real estate institute’s attorney, Daniel A. Bader, said the lawsuit’s allegations are false and that no one was denied services or assistance in the removal of snow and that there was no problem with the home being the site.

Baser said the real estate association has been in the process of addressing Gormans complaints.

“Our lawyers have reviewed this matter and are confident that this lawsuit will be dismissed,” Bader said in the statement.

The plaintiffs’ lawyer, Andrew Bohn, said in an email that he was unable the respond to the claims because the lawsuit was pending.

Gomerans lawsuit also seeks more than $600,000 in punitive damages.

“The real estate industry is being sued for the damage it has done to our property and the millions of dollars it has cost the city,” Gorman said in her lawsuit.

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