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Republicans have historically tended to be more conservative than Democrats, but they’re no longer the party of Lincoln or Reagan.

The GOP has shifted left, and that shift is more important than ever in the country as the country continues to unravel.

And that shift has created a massive ideological gulf within the GOP, and the party’s voters don’t like it.

That’s why the Republican Party’s leaders have resorted to the party being a cult, a movement that no longer serves the people but only the leaders.

For decades, the party has used fear and paranoia to build its base, and to maintain its power.

In this era of social media and a rapidly evolving media environment, the GOP has gone mainstream and is the most polarizing political party in American history.

But the party is about more than just ideology.

It’s also about who you are, and who you think should rule America.

The party’s leaders don’t think about the people.

They think about themselves, and how to use the people’s fears and paranoia as a weapon to make their base believe that the party cares more about them than it does the people who make it up.

And when the party gets too big to control, it often does.

For Republicans, that means using fear and fear-mongering to keep their base in line.

That can be seen in the party leadership’s recent decision to abandon the party as a whole, and replace it with a group of candidates who will push conservative policies and policies that Republicans think are in the best interest of the country.

For many years, the Republican party was a movement, a political movement, that was supposed to represent the people, and for many years it did that.

But today, the people don’t trust that the Republican movement represents them, and they don’t believe it has a real agenda for the country, let alone for their own country.

And as a result, the Democratic party is gaining power in Washington and winning elections, but the Republican-controlled House of Representatives is losing seats in Congress.

This is not just a party problem.

In fact, it is a crisis in American politics.

It is also a political problem that the Republicans are uniquely responsible for.

The Republican Party has become an organization that is driven by fear, fear of the future, and fear of what it believes is a threat to the very fabric of the republic.

The last thing the GOP needs is a more liberal party, and a more left-wing party, that would represent their interests and values.

That is why the GOP is now the only Republican party that is a cult.

It’s time for a new party.

The Democratic Party is a movement.

The Republicans are an organization.

The Democrats have built an organization based on fear, and now they are using it to protect their own interests and that of their own party.

Republicans need to change their name.

And for the first time in generations, the Democrats have the chance to reclaim the party.

In the process, the new party will make it easier for the Democrats to gain control of Congress, and it will make the Republicans look like the party that won’t care about the interests of the people it represents.

And, finally, the country needs to start understanding that the GOP doesn’t care what the country thinks about them.

That means the Democrats need to start caring about the country and its people, too.

The problem with the Republican brand is that it is so divisive.

The Party’s leader is not going to change it.

The new Party is going to get rid of the party label and start being a movement based on what the people want.

It will change the way we see ourselves and the world.

It can start by making a new name for the Republican organization, and by using the name of the Party as a rallying cry.

It won’t be the Party of Lincoln, but it will be the Republican that represents the interests and beliefs of the majority of Americans.

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