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A teetotaler in Tel Aviv who was on the lookout for a home has bought one.

In the city’s Givat Ze’ev neighborhood, a group of people gathered Sunday afternoon to celebrate the creation of a teetotaller’s home.

The neighborhood’s teetoter, who is also known as a tea house, decided to get rid of the traditional teapot to build his own.

A few days earlier, he purchased a small home in the neighborhood and began renovating it, which took a few months.

He is now selling the home in Tel Beni, a nearby town.

“I am a teeter tot, so I am trying to make something more special for myself and for my family,” he told Channel 2 news in a video that has gone viral.

He said the teetoteer is planning to open his new home soon.

“We decided to build something that could last for years and years,” he said.

The teetotion home is currently for sale for $3.5 million, with the sale price including the cost of materials and building materials.

“My house is a miracle,” he added.

“It’s been built with love and love.”