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House of Commons Speaker Andrew Scheer (Green Party) has made gingerbread houses the new national anthem, and he has a good reason for doing so.

“I like to think that gingerbread has the same appeal as our national anthem,” said Scheer in an interview with the Toronto Star.

“The fact that it is made from real gingerbread, and not just made out of some other kind of product, makes it a symbol of national unity.”

The House of Parliament is a chamber in the upper house of the Canadian Parliament.

There are currently 10 MPs who represent the federal House of Canadians.

The current Speaker of the House of Reps is the House Speaker from Quebec.

As a member of the Green Party of Canada, Scheer has been the leader of the party for eight years and serves as a member on the Parliamentary Budget Office.

He is also a member in the Legislative Assembly of Quebec, the country’s parliament.

A member of Canada’s largest party, the Liberals, Scheyers office was also the backdrop for the popular television show House of Cards.

“When the House is full, it’s time for the House to make a statement,” Scheyer said.

“For the House, we’re the House and it’s the people that make the House what it is.

I think that’s the appeal.”

House of MPs and the House centipedes “House of Representatives” is the title of the song written by The Who’s Paul McCartney in 1968.

In the song, the House’s leader, the Speaker, is referred to as the House Centipede.

“It’s a very popular song.

I’ve been asked a lot of questions about it,” Scheer said, adding that he was inspired to write the song after watching House of War.

“There’s a little bit of me in that song, and I think there’s some truth to that.”

Scheer was able to get his gingerbread inspired song into the House by writing a letter to his own House of Rep. MP Adam Vaughan.

“As the Speaker I am a representative of all Canadians.

I take the responsibility that comes with representing all Canadians very seriously,” said Vaughan, who is the NDP’s leader in the House.

Scheer also told the Star that he and Vaughan had a lot in common when it came to the song’s lyrics.

“We both grew up in Canada and are passionate about our national identity.

We’re both passionate about the work of the Parliament.

We both understand the importance of a balanced approach in government and government policy,” said the House speaker.

“And the fact that the House has so many members from different backgrounds and different walks of life, and we’re all just talking about the same stuff, makes for a very harmonious House.”

Scheyres song also made its way into the National Assembly, where members of the Liberal government are also members.

As of November 2018, the Liberal majority in the National House of Assembly is 39-30.