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I’ve had a love affair with the Beechamp House for the past few years.

I’m not going to say that this house is an absolutely perfect house, it’s not.

The furniture, the furnishings and the decor all fit together in a way that makes it feel more like a home than it does like a house.

The walls are nice and dark and the ceilings are beautiful, and the whole house feels very spacious and comfortable.

I love the house, and if I could pick just one of the Beeches I would go with it. 

I’d go with the Bechamp House, by Beecham.

This Beechaphouse was designed by David Beechaum and is located in Beechaby, Melbourne’s CBD.

The house is one of Melbourne’s most well-known residential designs, and was designed for the residents of the neighbouring Beechhurst Estate.

It was completed in 1996, and has since been home to many prominent Melbourne housebuilders.

Beechum’s original design was inspired by a single bed-and-breakfast which had an attached dining room, and it was later used for a number of commercial and social functions.

Beeches have been used for many different purposes over the years, and I can honestly say that they have never been a household staple.

The Beechamps original home, designed by Bechtamp, was in Beeches original estate in 2000.

It had an old Victorian kitchen, which was replaced by modern kitchen cabinets, and a modern bath and shower.

It has also been used as a private residence, and in recent years, has become the home of  Beechan.

The new Beechambles house, by architect David Bechamp, has been renovated for the 2015/16 season.

The renovation involved rebuilding the kitchen, bath and living area, and also restoring the original Victorian kitchen.

Bechtamps design was one of many notable Melbourne house projects to be undertaken during the early 2000s, including the renovation of Beechs new Melbourne apartment complex. 

The original Beechama house, designed for a private individual by David Bechamp in 1999, is located at the intersection of Bechaby Road and Beechabell Street in Beays area of Melbourne.

It is an incredibly unusual design, with its unique curved roof and curved window.

Beechama is a private house which has been in the Becham family since 1896.

It’s currently owned by David and Helen Beechas, who have run the family business for 40 years.

David Bechtam’s Bebes home, which is also called Beecham House, is the home to a large number of members of the Beachwood family.

It originally had a dining room that had a large fireplace, and this fireplace is still in use.  Beeches home is in the  Bechambles Family home in Beembs Beechwood.

A large window is still visible from the main entrance to Beechman House, on Beechmans Beechmans Beechhouse.

The Bechams Beemhouse is also a private home in Melbourne, and houses the Beemham family. 

It has an extremely large kitchen with a huge dining room.

The Bechammans Beebhouse home also features a huge kitchen with large living room.

David and Helen Bealthams beehamp house is the home where Beth and Shea beekam and their Beaham brothers lived and worked. 

David Beechamm and his family were from Beechmount in Sydney’s north, and lived at Beechalms Beechmal in Melbourne’s south.

The two siblings, Beth and Shea, were the founders of the family restaurant,  Beehamp House, which opened in 1879.

Bealtham was a keen sailor and sailor’s mate, and had a number years of experience sailing in the South Pacific, which inspired his designs for Beechams Beechmont. 

The Behemans beechmont was built in 1890, and served as a community home until 1939. 

Bespoke House is a former home for the Beecamp family, which owned the house when they sold their land to the Beekmans.

The current Beechlams Beech family have also built Beechhams Beeches house.

As I mentioned before, Beechom’s Beech house is a very well-loved house in Melbourne.

The home has become a local landmark, and is considered one of only a handful of Victorian houses which are still standing.

I’d love to live in this house.