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A new cast of musical “The Conjure” has been announced for the first two seasons of the hit ABC drama, which is produced by ABC Studios.

The cast will be announced in a news conference this week in New York City, where the show will air its season two premiere on Sunday, March 14.

The Conjures is an original musical about the occult, which was produced by CBS Television Studios and stars Harry Potter co-creator and star Daniel Radcliffe.

It tells the story of a group of young men who set out to solve the mystery of a demonic possession, the curse of which is said to have haunted the ancient British town of Torquay.

The show has been on the air since 2010 and is set in the fictional town of Brighton, England.

In the show, the young characters, named Harry, Lily, Newt, Dudley and Ron, explore the town in search of clues to the supernatural, and are joined by other residents and characters in the community, including the wizard, witch, magician and a witch’s maid.

In 2018, “The Curse of Torque” was released in the U.K. and Canada, while in 2018, the series will premiere in the United States.

In 2017, the show also won a Grammy Award for Outstanding Drama Series for the two-part finale.

In addition to Radcliffe, the cast will include the voices of Adam Driver (who plays the role of Ron Weasley), Sarah Michelle Gellar (who played the role in the first season), and Michael Caine (who portrays Dudley Weasley).

“The conjuring world has been transformed by a supernatural force and I am so thrilled to be able to join the cast of the show that will explore the world in a new and very exciting way,” Driver said in a statement.

“I’m so excited to be playing a part in such a powerful, unique and magical world and I hope that you all will be as excited for the next season as I am for the one before.”

The cast also includes Josh Radnor (Harry Potter) as Ron Weasley, Daniel Radcliff (who voices Newt Scamander) as Harry Potter, and James Marsden (who will play the role as Dudley Weasley) as the wizard who is possessed by the curse.

The cast also stars Melissa Leo (Ginny Weasley), Emily Kinney (Lily Potter), James Spader (Harry Weasley), and Sophie Turner (Maggie Weasley).

The cast is currently filming on location in Australia.

The season two finale of “The Crown” airs on March 31, 2019.