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The latest houseparty movie to hit Australian cinemas is The House Party Movie, starring Australian actor and comedian Kriff Kingsbury.

The movie, which was directed by Kriff and starring former The Bachelor contestant Kate Mackey, will hit Australian theatres on January 30.

The film is a comedic take on the current housing crisis, in which a housing crisis is forcing a number of people to go to desperate measures.

The title of the movie is The Unsolved Question.

The title is a reference to the question, “What is the solution?”

It stars Mackey and Australian actress Lucy Jones.

“Kriff and I have been really excited to work with Kate on the movie,” Kriff told News24.

“It’s really great to work on a film that is funny, clever, smart and has a real sense of humour.”

I’m excited to finally have Kate Mackeys voice and be part of the project.

“Mackey also stars in the upcoming film The Secret Life of Pets, which is directed by Jason Blum.

Mackey and Blum will co-star in The Houseparty Movie with Mackey’s husband Josh, as well as her former partner Adam.