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The New Yorker’s Gabriel Sherman reports on the rise of the New York media in the wake of the 2016 election, which has seen an unprecedented amount of coverage from all the major outlets. 

The Times, CNN, MSNBC and other media outlets have a major interest in their audiences and their readership, Sherman said. 

“They’re going to have a vested interest in telling you what they think,” he said.

“And that’s not what journalism is supposed to be about.”

Sherman said the media’s current focus on “fake news” is a problem.

He said that, “There’s no question that what you read on the internet has changed, but it’s been in a different way.”

He said that the internet is a way to reach people in a new way and that it’s a “new form of mass communication that’s been incredibly successful.”

Shermansays that the media has changed its strategy in the last five years.

He cited a number of factors that have made the media a less viable alternative to the traditional media, including the rise in digital content, the growing role of social media and the rise among younger audiences. 

Shermanson said that a major reason for this is the rise and popularity of social networks, like Facebook, which can give a platform to groups that previously would have had to rely on traditional media outlets.

Shermansonsays that this has also given people a different perspective on the news. 

His article also said that media coverage is often biased in favor of certain groups, such as the rich and powerful.

“This is the great unknown of the 21st century,” he wrote. 

According to Sherman, he’s “totally on board” with this trend. 

For example, he said, the media tends to favor “the politically powerful and their political allies.”

Shermoseson also pointed out that, in recent years, the number of news outlets with liberal or progressive agendas has increased. 

He said, “They have a great deal of leeway to go into the dark corners of the internet and manipulate people and their news sources.”

Shermsons article came a day after The Washington Post, a bastion of the liberal media, published a report titled “Trump’s America: Inside the world of ‘fake news’ and the media that covers it.”

Shermon also said, that The Post and other outlets are “taking on the task of making this country more like their own.”

Shermenon said the American media is taking on the “vast and powerful corporate media” in an effort to “create a more diverse, equitable and equitable America.”

Sher mans article also highlighted the importance of the media in ensuring the continuation of social order. 

That’s a good thing for all of us, he wrote, but especially for young people. 

As for those who may be worried about the possibility of Trump or other politicians manipulating the news, Sherman says that he doesn’t worry about that. 

But, he added, there are certain individuals who can “create some chaos.”

Shermensons piece is just the latest piece of evidence in the recent trend of the American press becoming more and more politicized and that of the “corporate media” becoming more “partisan.”

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