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LONDON — The Onion has revealed it is relaunching its London-based Onion Burger chain.

The Onion, a fast-food chain that sells burgers made from locally sourced ingredients and is known for its Onion Rings, is reopening its London branch after a 13-year hiatus.

The Onion is also launching a “speciality” burger that uses locally sourced beef, chicken, and pork.

The specialties will be available throughout the U.K. for a limited time.

The brand’s last location in the U and U.S. was in New York City in 2015.

The London-headquartered company will continue to operate a London branch in the new city.

The new location will include a new menu and menu items that will be rolled out throughout the year.

The company’s London branch has a capacity of 20,000 people.

The original Onion Burger franchisee, which has since been rebranded as the Onion Burger Inc., began in Toronto in the 1970s.

The franchise was sold to a company owned by the family of David Koch.

The Kochs continue to own the company.