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A magical tree house with its roots in Kolkatta is growing in the common house garden of a house in the city’s south.

The Kolkattar magic treehouse was started by a farmer, Preeta Suryanarayan, in 2013.

He has now installed three magical treehouses around his home.

He said the magic treehouses were meant to bring the magic of the place into the common place, so that it could flourish in harmony with nature.

The magic tree houses are located on the premises of the Rana Rana Pramukha, which is located in the heart of Kolkatpur’s Kailash Nagar.

A garden in the garden is part of the magical treehouse.

The house is divided into four sections.

The main one is called the garden, and the three small trees that grow in the surrounding areas are the magic trees.

The magical tree houses have been designed in a way that is meant to enhance the natural beauty and feel of the garden.

The second section of the magic house is called Darshanak.

The house is separated from the garden by a fence and there are three trees on the other side of the fence.

The magic tree trees are the Rameshvara, which grows in the area between the garden and the house.

The Rameshsvara is located near the Kailasara temple.

The Kailasa temple is a shrine to Lord Vishnu and is one of the major places of worship in the state.

The third section of a magic house includes the Darshana.

The Darshanas have the same layout as the other sections of the house, with the only difference being that there are four trees in each section.

The last section of this magic house, called Koliwalsana, is located on a rooftop.

A large screen in the window lets you see the magic.

Suryanapramukhi, who runs the Koliwalasara house, said the magical trees were planted in a garden in a part of Kailasma temple.

They were given the name after their owners were inspired by the famous Lord Shiva, who has been worshiped as a deity in many parts of India.

The temple is considered to be the centre of Kalinga, a Hindu holy city in the north of the state, and a part that is close to Kolkato.

Kalinga is also known as Kalingapuram, and it is also home to the Rama temple.

The Rameshesvara temple is one the most popular temples in the country.

The temples are situated on the outskirts of Kallaganga town and the Ramsadamani temple is also a popular temple in Kalingam, located close to the temple.

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