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A cat house that is too big for your home might be too big to be a house at all.

A house that’s too large can be a nuisance to pets, neighbors, and people on the street.

The American Pet Products Association (APPA) says outdoor cat houses are often bigger than houses because they require additional maintenance.

If the home is built with a wall, for example, a cat house will need to be constructed with a fence.

And cats are naturally wary of fences.

So what’s the best way to get your cat to stop trying to dig holes?

A cat house with a metal roof can be removed from the house by a professional to avoid damaging the metal roof.

And you can still make the house work without a roof by building a metal frame.

To remove your outdoor home, open the metal door, turn off the lights, and leave it in place.

You’ll see that the house is empty, so you can remove the metal.

Once the cat is gone, you can take the old cat house to a cat shelter and put it back together.

You can also use the old metal house to replace your windows, but be aware that the windows are vulnerable to damage.