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Full house in Adelaide, with a three-bedroom suite, worth $4.7m, has been sold for $5 million.

Key points:A man named ‘Hollywood’ sold a house in Sydney for $4 million in 2012 and another in Sydney in 2012, the Australian Financial Review reportedThe house, known as the ‘Honduras’ has been converted to a four-bedroom, two-bathroom propertyThe house in Australia has been used by actors and other people who live in the countryA three-bed, two bath home in Sydney was converted to four bedrooms and two bathrooms in 2016The new owner, a man named Hollywood, had spent $2.6 million to buy the house in the suburb of Warringah in January 2012.

The house was converted into a four bedroom, two bathroom property in April 2013 and was later converted into four bedrooms, two bathrooms, with three bedrooms and a bathroom.

Hollywood told the Financial Review he has been in Australia for about seven years and has owned the house for about eight years.

He has lived in the house since 2011, buying it in 2010.

Honduran actress and former Miss Universe Tatiana de Souza has described the house as her ‘home’.

“This is a home,” she said.

“This house is a house, and the best thing that happens is that you see what the real estate market is like.”

She said it was important for Hollywood to remain in Australia.

“It’s important for him to be able to stay here,” she told the newspaper.

“The best thing he could do would be to stay, but I think that he has a lot to be happy for.”

I think he’s in good hands.

“The property has been a fixture in the community in Sydney and Melbourne, with people living in it to the point where they were known as “Hondurans”.

A number of people, including former Miss Australia Tatiana, have lived in it.

The property in Adelaide is worth about $4m, and has been bought by a man known as Hollywood.